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 Checklist of Outcomes, Nursery through Grade 9

Teachers will keep track of students’ progress in Mathematics using a Checklist of Outcomes. The purposes of the Mathematics Checklist of Outcomes are:

• to have an ongoing record of student achievement in mathematics
• to assist teachers in planning for instruction and assessing year-end outcomes
• to assist administrators in school planning
• to provide feedback to students and parents for reporting
Checklists will be printed and delivered to schools to use. These will arrive in Fall 2015.
FSD - Manitoba Checklist of Outcomes.pdfFSD - Manitoba Checklist of Outcomes.pdf (Revised March 2016)
Three times a year, teachers will complete a supporting document to support the Checklist of Outcomes. Teachers will use this form to summarize the data from their students. The purposes of this document are:

• to support teachers in classroom planning
• to communicate collective classroom data to school administration
The deadline to complete this document will be at the same time as the deadline for the Reading and Writing Continua in November, March and May.
Deadline Dates for Grade Summary Sheet

Fall Term​ Winter Term​ Spring Term​
​Summary Sheets Due to Principals​ ​November 20th, 2017 ​March 12th, 2018 ​June 25th, 2018
​Summary Sheets Sent to Coaches ​November 22nd, 2017 ​March 14th, 2018 ​June 27th, 2018



We have also created a Checklist of Outcomes for students in Nursery or Junior Kindergarten classes. We recommend that teachers use this to help guide instruction:

If you have any questions, please contact your Area Mathematics Coach.