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Section G - Students


The primary goal of Frontier School Division is to provide the highest quality education possible for students. In order to do this, the Division must establish a school environment that is safe and protects the dignity and well-being of students. The policies that follow establish the framework for this environment.

The section on Students is divided into Safety, Records and Procedures, and Student Transportation.


Student Safety begins with a policy on a safe learning and working environment and is followed by policies that provide this environment. Topics include student suspension and expulsion, use of illicit substances on school property, investigation by police, search of students and student property and reporting a child in need of protection. These policies, which are based on federal and provincial legislation, ensure that students are cared for, safe and respected.



This subsection provides policies related to student records, informed consent and student complaints and grievances.




The policies in this subsection outline a transportation system for students and staff that is safe, meets specific community needs and is based on provincial legislation, policies and guidelines. Due to the Division’s vast geography, remote communities and environmental circumstances, the transportation system is complex. There are factors including weather conditions, transportation across water/ice, and danger from wildlife that require policies unique to the Division. Topics in this subsection include policies on safety, extreme weather, distance and hazardous conditions.




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