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Section F - Instruction



The Board of Trustees of Frontier School Division believes that all students, from nursery age to adulthood, must have access to programming that enables students to reach their potential academically, socially and emotionally and to develop a strong understanding of culture, heritage and citizenship. The basis for these programs is the Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth curriculum.

The section on instruction provides the policies regulating the delivery of instructional programs and curricula, the evaluation of students and the reporting of this evaluation. In addition, details are provided on entrance age requirements.




The subsection on Programs and Curricula provides information on the instructional programs that are delivered in Frontier School Division. These policies are guided by the belief that, in order for students to be successful, appropriate programming must be provided for them. A number of topics, including appropriate educational programming, high school programs, locally developed curricula, language instruction and educational trips, excursions and outdoor wilderness/cultural activities are included.



This section provides information on compulsory school age, established by the Province of Manitoba, as well as nursery and kindergarten entrance ages in Frontier School Division.

Policies and procedures on how student learning is assessed, evaluated and reported on are provided in this sub-section. The promotion and placement of students in Frontier School Division is clearly outlined. As well, the requirements for integrating native studies into the curriculum and high school credit requirements in aboriginal studies are included.



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