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​​Section E - Personnel




The Board of Trustees recognizes that employees are the Division’s most significant and valuable resource. In order to attract and retain employees who can support the Division’s mission, vision and goals, the Division will ensure that policies are in place to provide a safe, caring and respectful workplace, to compensate staff fairly and appropriately, to provide staff with excellent benefits and to supervise, evaluate and hold them accountable.

The Personnel section includes all of the policies related to hiring, compensation and conditions of employment for teaching and support staff.  Staff on teaching contracts shall be referred to as “teachers” throughout this manual.  Where provisions regarding terms and conditions of employment are covered in a collective agreement, the collective agreement shall apply.

Personnel is divided into five subsections:


E.1 Employment

This subsection provides policies on recruitment and appointment, conditions of employment, records and acknowledgement and resignation/termination.

E.2 Compensation

The compensation subsection outlines compensation, benefits and allowances provided to employees.

E.3 Leaves

Leaves, such as maternity leave, compassionate care leave, and sick leave are covered in this subsection.

E.4 Supervision and Evaluation

This subsection includes policies on supervision, evaluation, merit increases and professional learning.

E.5 Respectful Workplaces


The intent of the policies in this subsection is to provide safe and respectful workplaces. Included are policies on grievances, workplace harassment and progressive discipline.


Please note that definitions of position classifications referred to in this section are defined in the glossary following this introduction.




Classification of Employees


There are four classifications of employees in Frontier School Division.  They are permanent full-time and part-time , term, casual, and student .  Definitions follow.


1.  Permanent Employees - Full-time and Part-time 

Permanent full-time employees are employed on a permanent full-time basis. 

Permanent part-time employees are employed on a permanent basis but their normal work schedules result in hours of work which are less than the normal hours of work established by the Division for the employee group.

2.  Term Employees

Term employees are employed on a continuous full-time or part-time basis for a contractually limited period of time.  This may include:

“Leave Replacement” in which the person is employed to replace an employee who is on leave.  The employment has a fixed end date. 
“D-grant” projects or other projects in which the person is employed for the duration of a project or as provided under special funding arrangements.  The employment has a fixed end date.
Term employees shall not be used to circumvent the establishment of permanent positions. Employees in term positions, who are employed for a period of continuous employment in the same position in excess of twenty-four (24) months, become permanent employees.  The exception to this is to those covering the duties of an absent permanent employee who is expected to return to work. 

3 .  Casual Employees

Casual employees are employed on an irregular and unscheduled basis.  Casual employees shall not be used to circumvent the establishment of term or permanent positions.

4 .  Student Employees 

Students shall be classified as casual employees and shall be hired in accordance with The Employment Standards Code.



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