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Section D, Business Administration, outlines the administrative services that support the Board of Trustees in achieving the educational goals of the Division. Because of a number of factors, the Division must provide infrastructure and services beyond those provided by other school divisions. The scope of business administration in Frontier School Division is, therefore, unique and complex.

This section is divided into three sub-sections, fiscal management, facilities development and management, and general business administration. The introduction to each sub-section provides a guide to the policies included.


Fiscal management encompasses all of the policies that ensure Frontier School Division is financially responsible and accountable. The development of the annual operating budget is clearly outlined in order that schools and school committees are aware of their role in this process. Also included are policies on accounting and audit requirements for schools and school committees.​

Frontier School Division’s geographic remoteness, expanse, and diversity requires a variety of facilities to provide education services for Division students. Such facilities include schools, housing for staff, offices, maintenance buildings, water and sewer facilities and other properties. A comprehensive development and management program is required to ensure these facilities are appropriate for Division needs.

This sub-section begins with a policy on the Five Year Capital Plan which is the main component of the Division’s development and management program. This policy explains how facilities are replaced, renovated, upgraded and repaired. Policies on topics such as the community use of Division facilities are also included.​


​​General Business Administration addresses the operational requirements of the Division. It includes information on Division assets, tenders requirements, retention of records, travel expenses and leased vehicle requirements.


 Policy Manual

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