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Governance refers to how an organization is directed. The governance system in Frontier School Division is a three-tiered system unlike any other school division. Parents and community members form the foundation of this system by participating on school committees, area advisory committees and the Board of Trustees. By legislation, these committees have responsibilities at their local school level and area level as well as electoral responsibilities leading to the election of the Frontier School Board of Trustees.


Details on the governance system in Frontier School Division, including elections and legal responsibilities, are provided in the policies in this section. The notes at the bottom of the policy page direct you to further information.


Section B is divided into sub-sections which reflect the three-tiered system in the Division. The policies in B.1 refer to the Board of Trustees, B.2 covers Area Advisory Committees and B.3 refers to School Committees.


In addition, in order to assist readers, all policies in the manual involving school or area committees have been listed following the Table of Contents. Policies on this list are coded to enable readers to quickly find a topic referring to school and area committee operations.




School and Area Committee Operations


The following policies relate to the operation of school and area committees.  These policies are located in other sections of the manual as indicated by the coding.



 School Committee Documents






 Policy Manual

 Section A - Foundations
 Section B Governance
 Section C Administration
 Section D Business Administration
 Section E Personnel
 Section F Instruction
 Section G Students