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Frontier School Division

Components of Division Mission Statement February 2008

Introduction and Direction for Use

The Board of Trustees approved the current Mission Statement in February 2008. There are several components that comprise the total document. Each of these components is important and has significance for the Division. These components are explained in the following text. This information was also presented by the Board Chairperson to the delegates at the 30th Annual School Committee Conference.

Background Picture

Frontier School Division is defined by our natural surroundings and the beauty of this environment. The images of land and water and their impact on us collectively is a part of who we are. Our connection with all that is natural and holistic sets us apart and makes us uniquely “Frontier.” Increasingly, schools, with community support, are providing land-based and culturally-focused educational activities for students using this rich and beautiful natural environment. 

Map of Manitoba

In the lower left corner, the Province of Manitoba map identifies Frontier School Division territory and our area boundaries. It is impressive to note that we are responsible for educating many students who live in this huge territory that covers approximately 75% of Manitoba. The narrow boundary lines outline our five areas as defined in provincial legislation. Our broad geographical expanse is not a barrier to our mission, but rather on opportunity to build and maintain relationships across communities, from the farthest northern regions to the farthest southern regions and to points east and west of the province. This geography often leads us to think creatively. Our range of communities and cultures fosters both inclusion and diversity. We see our communities as representative of the larger fabric of Canadian society regardless of our geographic location.

Photographs in Circles

The three photographs in the circles speak to our geography and some of the unique but routine ways that we travel in all seasons across the Division. Float planes, snow machines with toboggans, and trains on the Bay Line are common for many of us but different and unique in the eyes of others. 

Frontier Logo “O”

The Division’s logo of “Partners in Learning” is embedded in the letter “o” in Frontier at the top of the Mission Statement. Input from across the Division clearly stated we must keep and reinforce this phrase. Frontier School Division’s philosophy of partnership has never been stronger. 

Our Children, Our Success, Our Future

We increasingly are aware of the vital importance of the interconnectedness of all levels of home, school, community, and society. Our focus on building, preserving, and maintaining relationships and partnerships are the same whether we are talking about a classroom or a boardroom, a home or a community. It is through working as partners in learning that we will share success. That is why we have chosen three simple statements to define our mission. 

Our Children

The Division’s efforts are for every child. We use the broadest definition of the word children. 

Our Success

This describes our Division operating at its peak. When we are able to harness the collective energy of every component of our system then we can achieve our success. 


Our Future

This is the focus of our planning. This is what lies ahead. This is what inspires us. If we are thoughtful and thorough enough with the first two components of the mission statement, then we can realize together a successful future for our children.

Our Vision ... Our Beliefs 

· Students are healthy and successful. · Parents provide support, guidance, and direction. · Families build a strong foundation for students. · Staff are participating members of the community. · High standards of teaching result in academic excellence. · Appropriate educational programming is provided for all students. · School programs reflect the needs and aspirations of the community. · Language and culture celebrated in the community and school builds identity. · Schools are safe places where individuals are respected, cared for, and valued. · Our Division is an innovative and dynamic leader in education. These are 10 strong and positive statements about students, parents and families, staff and programs, safe schools, and our Division as a leader. They add clarity to our purpose, focus, approach, and identity. They support the phrase – Our Children, Our Success, Our Future – and further define our mission. The statements encompass what the Board believes must be the guiding principles, goals, or universal values that will help us all move in the direction of our mission. They are our “North Star”. These statements must be revisited often and can be the lens through which we view all that we do. When we look at all that we are and all that we do, then we can truly believe that our mission is Our Children, Our Success, Our Future. 


The Board of Trustees hopes that you find this information insightful and helpful in understanding the Mission Statement. The Board of Trustees thanks all of the people who provided input and suggestions for developing this Mission Statement.