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    Welcome to the new Technology Helpdesk

You may notice some changes to our helpdesk system. As always you can submit tickets by contacting
Helpdesk directly at (204)258-2716, or by emailing

or using our new user portal by clicking the user portal link and following the instructions below or in the attached PDF

Login Into Freshdesk

When you first try to log into Helpdesk, you will be greeted with a login popup. Depending on which browser you are using, it may appear differently, 


(These are examples of the login popup from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Although they look different, they all operate exactly the same)

From the login window, use your regular username and password. (It'll be the same as what you use to log into email)
Once logged in, you will be presented with the main portal page. From here, you can view Knowledge Base articles, view announcements and newsposts in the Forum, submit a new ticket or review your existing tickets.

Submitting a new support ticket

To submit a new ticket, click the "New support ticket" link from the home screen of the portal.


The "Submit a ticket" page will load, and your email address will be automatically filled in for you. From there, enter a descriptive subject for your ticket, select your priority and location and then enter a description. Remember, the more information you're able to provide, the faster we can resolve your ticket. If you're unsure what priority you should use, please consult our Service Level Agreement document.


Once you have filled out all the required field, simply click "Submit" to send us your ticket! Once it has been submitted, you will be taken to the ticket details page. From there, you can either sign out, or use the navigation bar to move to a different area of the portal.

Checking the status of an active ticket

If you would like to check on an existing ticket, you can click on the "Ticket" button  in the menu bar, or on "Check ticket status" from the home page.


You can view your tickets in a number of different ways. By changing the ticket view  you can filter your view to show All of your tickets, Only active tickets or only tickets that have been resolved and closed. Tickets will appear below the selector.


You may have noticed that each ticket also has a "status indicator" which will show you the current status of that request. These will give you a quick way of telling if a ticket is resolved, closed, active or waiting on a reply from you. If you'd like to see more details for a specific ticket, simply click on the subject line, and the Details page will load.

Updating and Modifying a Ticket

The ticket details window will present you with a number of options. 


  1. To Reply to a ticket, click the "Reply" button
  2. If the issue has been resolved, you can "Close" the ticket by clicking here
  3. If you'd like to add another person onto the ticket, clicking here will include them in all communication about the ticket.
  4. Any communication from the Support Agent, and any notes/replies that you add will appear here
  5. New replies can be entered here.
  6. The sidebar will allow you to modify ticket details, such as the priority and location.