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    Duck/Goose Prep: Christina Soulier (L) & Janet Tait (R) ​

    Heritage Day ​2016

    On Friday June 17th, Oscar Blackburn School celebrated it's 3rd annual Heritage Day.  Students, staff, parents, Elders, and community members were invited to spend the day learning and practicing traditional activities while visiting the original site of the South Indian Lake community.  Special guests from out of town also came in and camped for a few days in order to take part in this one-of-a-kind experience. 


    After travelling across the lake by boat, students arrived to a pancake breakfast.   Afterwards, groups toured around the campsites, visiting various stations. Students learned about different traditional food preparations including making bannock over the campfire, cooking a moose nose, fish-dressing, as well as plucking and singeing ducks.  At another location, students were able to... (Click here for full story)