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  • MusiCounts Grant – Gypsumville School

    Each year, the MusiCounts Band Aid Program provides grants for instruments in $5,000 or $10,000 increments to schools whose music programs are in need of support to ensure their sustained growth. This year, 80 schools received grants and Gypsumville School was awarded one of the $10,000.00 grants to purchase instruments to help grow our music program.  The grant that Mrs. Joel Oswald submitted was one of approximately 400 grants that were submitted to the MusiCounts Band Aid Program.  Some of the instruments that she is hoping will be purchased include a digital piano, xylophones, chimes, a guitar, drums, and many other percussion instruments.

    ​Gypsumville School is excited about the musical opportunities that this grant will provide our students with now and... (Click here for full story)