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    Jack River School Celebrates Two of Their Own!

    On March 3rd, students and community members gathered at Jack River School to celebrate two of their very own authors/teachers.
    Nursery/Cree Language teacher, Pauline Poker read her book called Niwanawin which means– “I Go Outside”.  This book introduces children ages 5-7 to basic Cree words in nature.  Ms. Poker’s book can be purchased from Goldrock Press.
    Continuing the celebration, grade 3 teacher Mr. Sam Parmar, along with 5 of his students; Nolan Albert, Jayla Anderson, Paris Crate, Hannah Flett and Travis Scribe entertained the audience by reading his book The Big Fish.  Illustrated by Grade 3 students, The Big Fish was written primarily for Grade2-3 students.  Mr. Parmar has also published two other books, The Birthday Surprise and The Storm, all of which have... (Click here for full story)