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    Area 3 students on their way to Space Camp

    Annual Area 3 Space Camp Field Trip​
    May 21st - 26th 2015

    A total of 46 students from the Area 3 communities of Berens River, Bissett, Black River, Churchill, Falcon Lake, God's Lake Narrows, Matheson Island and Wanipigow are participating in this year's Space Camp.

    Space Camp Canada, located in Laval, Quebec, is one of only five Space Camps in the world. This unique field trip has been offered to Area 3 students in Frontier School Division since 2010.
    As in previous years, the students begin their journey to space camp with tours of museums and other sites in Ottawa and Montreal. During the three-day space camp in Laval, Quebec, the young astronaut candidates will experience authentic, and sometimes thrilling, astronaut training. For more infomation on the training program at space camp, see this 2011 news article http://www.frontiersd.mb.ca/programs/Pages/Spacecamp.aspx, which... (Click here for full story)