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June 27
FSD Students and Staff Participate in the 2017 Manitoba Marathon

​Frontier School Division

Students and Staff Participate in the 

2017 Manitoba Marathon

​Students and staff from various Frontier schools travelled to Winnipeg to take part in the 2017 Manitoba Marathon on June 18th in Winnipeg. 

Students had an opportunity to visit Investors Group Field and meet current Winnipeg Blue Bomber Linebacker Thomas Miles who spent time talking to the students, playing football, and signing autographs. 


The students were also able to visit the Human Rights Museum at the Forks. All the students ran hard on a rainy and cold race day, with many finishing in the top half of their age category. 

The ability of Frontier School Division students to participate in such an event as the Manitoba Marathon, allows for the development and appreciation of becoming physically literate students who will continue to be active well into the future. Thanks to all of the students and staff for making this an unforgettable trip, as many new friendships were formed and memories were made.​

​article written by: Tim Giannotti, Phys. Ed. Teacher, Brochet School

The following schools participated in the Manitoba Marathon: Brochet, Gillam, West Lynn Heights, Duke of Marlborough, Leaf Rapids, Berens River, HBO, Jack River, Oscar Blackburn and Falcon Beach.

6.jpg4.jpg 5.jpg

June 07
Canada Wide Science Fair

science fair.jpgCanada Wide Science Fair​

The Canada Wide Science Festival (national science fair) took place in Regina from May 14 – 20, 2017. Three students from Frontier School Division won the right to compete at this national competition. Our student finalists were Jacob Bird from Black River School, Callum Morrison from Rorketon, and Marley Shewchuk-Iwankow from Falcon Beach. Also attending were our coaches/delegates Connie Vandekerckhove and  Kerriann Iwankow. They joined five other regionals from the province to form Team Manitoba.




Our team won their spots qualifying at our divisional fair held at the Western Canadian Aviation Museum on Pi Day March 14, 2017. Our fair was a huge success with 13 of our schools attending and over 80 students from grades 4 - 12 participating.

Our finalists had projects based on experimentation with helping increase food availability and growth, using a natural fertilizer for better plant growth, and designing a microbioshpere for the production of food in harsh environments. Jacob was even interviewed by CBC radio and share his project findings.

At the nationals, over 500 students from all over Canada competed for nearly $1 million dollars in scholarships and cash prizes. Student projects identified solutions to local, regional or global concern through their science project. This year’s projects address issues related to energy, environment, health, information, resources and other areas of discovery and innovation. Our students made a number of new friends and shared their knowledge with volunteer judges, including professional scientists, researchers, and engineers.

During their time in Regina, it wasn’t all competition. The festival had many tours and activities during the week. Our students got to tour science centres and facilities in Regina and around the province of Saskatchewan. They also had fun activities including movie nights and a dance with dance competitions. 

Our students returned with many memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Please congratulate our students for a job well done in representing not only our school division, but Manitoba as well.​

June 01
2017 Outstanding Employee Contribution Award Recipient

2017 Outstanding Employee Contribution Award Recipient

The Board of Trustees are pleased to announce that Elinor Clark (Teaching Principal – Brochet School) has been selected to receive the Outstanding Employee Contribution Award:

Special Announcement - Outstanding Employee Contribution Award 2017 - Elinor Clark.pdfOutstanding Employee Contribution Award 2017 - Elinor Clark.pdf

The criteria for the award includes proficiency in responsibilities, contribution to the Division and community, evidence of leadership, and personal and/or professional growth.​

May 29
Travis Price, Co –Founder of Pink Shirt Day, Visits Waterhen and Skownan Schools

IMG_5715 (1).JPG
Travis Price, Co –Founder of Pink Shirt Day, Visits Waterhen and Skownan Schools

On Wednesday March 17, 2017, Waterhen and Skownan Schools had a very special visitor. Travis Price, co-founder of Pink Shirt Day, along with Mallory Shack from the Canadian Red Cross, made an appearance at both schools to commend the hard work that our schools do to promote Day of Pink each year.

Travis spoke to the students about his experience with bullying; how he never really had many friends, ways that he fought bullying as a kid and how he and his buddy co-created one of the fastest growing anti-bullying movements ever- PINK SHIRT DAY! He encouraged us to choose to do something about bullying rather than standby and watch it happen.  “It only takes one person to make a difference” he stated, “Your efforts don’t go unnoticed”.

Our schools have been involved with the Canadian Red Cross and Day of Pink for about 5 years now.  We have hosted annual Bake for Pink bake sales each year, and each year it has been a great hit with the students, staff, parents and community members.  It is so awesome to see the wave of pink baked goods on the tables each year.  So far, we have raised over $1500.00.   This money raised for the Canadian Red Cross helps to provide programs aimed at reducing abuse, violence and bullying.  Our schools have also participated in student-lead programs like Beyond the Hurt and the Be Safe Program.

Each year after our school participates in Day of Pink; a Report Back Form is filled out. This form gives a description of the activities that take place for Pink Day, who it involves and how it impacts our school. 

Someone from the Canadian Red Cross must have been very impressed with our efforts, because we were rewarded with this very special visit from the Canadian Red Cross and TRAVIS PRICE!  We were so fortunate to have Travis visit our School.  We have talked a lot about Travis Price over the last few years and what he has done for the “Boy in the Pink Shirt”.  It was an honour to finally meet him.​

IMG_1505.JPGIMG_5697 (1).JPG

May 23
2017 Northern Regional Envirothon Competitions

Cormorant Lake School & Duke of Marlborough School qualify for the 

Provincial Envirothon Competition!

​On April 25th and 26th students from Cormorant Lake School and Duke of Marlborough school participated in the Northern Regional Envirothon competition in The Pas. They competed against 8 other teams from across Northern Manitoba.  

The Envirothon is an environmental science competition where teams must do a presentation and complete a field test that involves questions relating to Water and Aquatic Ecosystems, Soils and Land Use, Forestry and Native Plants, Wildlife and Wildlife Management, and this years’ theme Agricultural Soils and Water Conservation. 

Both Frontier teams did well at the regional event and qualified to attend the provincial Envirothon competition to be held at the International Peace Gardens on the Canada/USA. The very excited teams will travel to the Peace Gardens on May 25th along with their teacher advisors Mr. Liam Mulvihill (Cormorant) and Ms. Carolyn Kyoomans (Churchill) to compete against 23 other teams from across Manitoba. 

2017 corm pic.jpeg
Photo: Cormorant Envirothon team presenting their oral presentation about Clay Soils in Cormorant.

(Left to Right: Anika Genaille, Keighleigh Constant, Angel Rabbitskin, Cameron Charlette, and Tyrone Morrisseau)

2017 DofM pic.jpg
Photo: All rookie team traveling to the Northern Regional event from Churchill, MB: 

(Top from left to right: Kathleen Nepitabo, Nickia McIvor; Bottom from left to right: Advisor Sherilyn Adrian, Lainey Young, Khalee Palmer, Advisor Carolyn Kooymans, Corale Chapman)​

April 19
Gillam Teacher to Compete at the World Ball Hockey Championships


Gillam Teacher to Compete at the 

World Ball Hockey Championship 

in Pardubice, Czech-Republic

Dawn Tulk, the kindergarten through grade 8 Physical Education teacher at Gillam School will be competing at the World Ball Hockey Championship being held in Pardubice, Czech-Republic from June 1-10th. This will be her 3rd time representing Team Canada. 

Her impressive resume includes being named to World All-Star Teams, two World Ball Hockey gold medals as well as representing Newfoundland at the National Ball Hockey level. 

Dawn is among a select few that have represented our country in international competition and is considered to be one of the best ball hockey players not only in Canada, but in the world. 

The World Ball Hockey Championship occurs every two years. In 2013, Dawn competed in her home province of Newfoundland.  In the gold medal game, she scored the only two markers for Canada, securing the gold medal. 

group with cup.jpgDawn now resides and teaches in Gillam.  She has the support of the whole school when she competes. Before heading to Zug, Switzerland in 2015, she was recognized in front of the school and given an autographed Gillam School jersey. Both staff and students signed the jersey and supported her via social media while she was away. 

During World Championships, Dawn experiences elite level competition and has an opportunity to visit amazing attractions that the countries have to offer. 

Dawn has expressed tremendous gratitude for the support she has received from family, friends, Gillam School, her local community and from her teammates throughout the last few years.  

Dawn has been a great ambassador for hockey and has been a role model for youth in Canada. Dawn understands the importance and significance of wearing a Team Canada jersey and being a leader in hockey and physical activity for Canadians. 

Gillam is proud to have Dawn representing our country as a member of our school and community. 

April 12
Pan Am Clinic Live Stream

Live Stream Medical Science Series

a 3 part medical series

Hosted By: Frontier School Division

Partners: RightClick, Louis Riel School Division, Sisler High School, National Microbiology Lab, St. Francois Xavier Animal Hospital, Permission Click and the Pan Am Clinic

Part 3 of a 3 part medical series

Pan Am Clinic
Date: April 18, 2017
Time: 10:00 a.m. Central Time
Be part of a human surgery in real time!  The surgery being performed is a Right Thumb Trapeziumectomy /LRTI (ligament reconstruction tendon inerposition). This type of surgery is performed to relive pain from osteoarthritis (OA) at the basal joint of the thumb..
Speak to the surgeon and operating staff in real time. Have an up close and personal view of the surgery.
PLEASE be mindful of the sensitive nature of this event

For more information on this event and to register click the link below

April 10
Career Symposium Trip

group pic.jpg


Symposium Trip

March 14-18, 2017​


On March 14th- March 18th, 17 students from Lynn Lake, Leaf Rapids, Norway House, Cranberry Portage, Moose Lake and Cormorant attended a career symposium in Winnipeg Manitoba. The career symposium is created to showcase leading industries, employment and educational opportunities in Manitoba and beyond, the Rotary Career Symposium is a unique event to help expand career possibilities! With over 200 booths from various educational institutions, engaging service provider sectors, and prospective businesses who are looking for students for future careers.

The students attended the career café and made connections with community employment service experts in career exploration, essential skills for the workplace, résumé writing, interview skills, training and the job market.

Some of the students walked in knowing what they wanted for future careers and others walked out knowing what they wanted to do with their future. The students participated in some of the guest speaker sessions such as optometry, social work and health care.​

Some Comments from Our Students Were Very Exciting...

“The career symposium gave me so much information that I had no idea existed” 
(Emily Rabbitskin)

“I loved the presentations and activities because I got to do hands on things and now I have 
found out what I like to do” 
(Anabelle Church)

“On this trip I learned I wanted to go to University, not college, I found information on things 
I am interested in and how the programs work” 

“I enjoyed the University of Manitoba, and now I think for sure this is where I want to go, 
we even got to see the law building and I want to be a lawyer” 
(Layla Baker)​

“It gave me a lot of thoughts on what I want to do with my future and before this trip I wasn’t even sure” (Joshua)

“I learned you can do anything you want in the world if you put your mind to it” 
(Cryshane Leronde)

“I learned there are a lot of jobs in the trades. I also learned a lot about University and college” 
(Dallas Beardy)
1.jpg 2.jpg​​
The students had a tour of the University of Manitoba and also the Red River College in which they had a great time exploring the areas and the students who wanted to partake in careers in trades fields were extremely happy to see the auto mechanic shop, the welding shop, the brick laying shop and the heavy duty equipment mechanic shop. Some of the students who want to do a trade said they would more than likely be attending Red River. ​

“Throughout this week I learned how to manage a schedule and stay on task, I got to experience 
what it is like to go to college and what to expect in college. I want to get into Carpentry, 
so I got to see that shop at the Red River College and I love it. 
I can’t wait to attend Red River, thank you so much for taking me on this trip” 
(Dolton Pronteau) 

“I really liked the career symposium because it showed me the different types of engineering 
programs there are.  I want to take engineering when I graduate and now I have some information 
on how to enroll into college and the programs that are offered” 
(Tyler McKay)


5.jpg 6.jpg
The students got to explore the large gymnasiums at Red River College and were quite happy as a lot of them play many sports.

One student would like to play for the Winnipeg Bison’s one day!

"I want to try my best to get into the University of Winnipeg and become 
a basketball player for the Manitoba Bison's".

Hands on Fun at the Career Symposium!

"I loved being on this trip and being  able to explore different career ideas".
(William Pronteau) ​
8.jpg 11.jpg
The students also get a couple of hours to tour the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg where they found the information quite educational.​

"The Museum was really cool and the red dress display was my favorite".

"I got to do a really cool tour of the museum and found out how it was made and its' history".
 (Mason Spence)
 ​ 12.jpg

Group in Reg Office.jpg
Finally at the end of our trip the students had a tour of the Frontier School Office in Winnipeg and they got to speak with Mr. Reg Klassen who shared his story of how he was where he is today. The students took an extra liking to Mr. Klassen and decided they wanted to perhaps be in his chair one day.



April 07
St. Francois Xavier Animal Hospital Live Stream

Live Stream Medical Science Series

a 3 part medical series

Hosted By: Frontier School Division

Partners: RightClick, Louis Riel School Division, Sisler High School, National Microbiology Lab, St. Francois Xavier Animal Hospital, Permission Click and the Pan Am Clinic


Part 2 of a 3 part medical series

St. Francois Xavier Animal Hospital
Date: April 11, 2017
Time: 1:00 p.m. Central Time

Speak with the veterinarian in real time, while the surgery is being performed. Ask questions about veterinary science with experts in the field. Have an up close and personal view of the surgery.
PLEASE be mindful of the sensitive nature of this event

For more information on this event and to register click the link below

April 03
Global Television Interview with Graffiti Art Gallery



regarding Frontier Juried Art Show artists




Global Television recently did a Morning Show interview with the Graffiti Art Gallery in regards to our student art work.

Graffiti Art Gallery has been displaying our artwork for the past 10 years. Pieces were selected from the Juried Art Show at this years School Committee Conference, held Feb 14 to Feb 17 in Winnipeg. The art is on display at the gallery until mid April. The art will be viewed by hundreds of people who visit and attend workshops at the gallery. 

*Interview correction Note: the art was from the Juried Art Show Grade 7-12 only with ribbons not medals awarded.


Below is the link to that Global TV Morning Show interview which includes beautiful shots of our student art. This is a wonderful look into the artwork of our students and the partnership we share with Graffiti Art Gallery.



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