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Home > News > Posts > Duke of Marlborough School New ELA Pilot Program
January 29
Duke of Marlborough School New ELA Pilot Program
 Duke of Marlborough School New ELA Pilot Program


​ELA Pilot Team:

Shawn Manning, Lisa Manning, Amy Nagy, Wendy Gautier, Joshua Robertson, George Power & Ashley Watts​

For the past three years, many of our teachers have been working tirelessly with our ELA coaches and Department of Education on the New ELA Provincial curriculum. It has been a meandering road with many obstacles, questions, and successes. The new design has given teachers more autonomy to plan their lessons around topics that are engaging for the students to ensure they are successful in their learning.  This student-centered pilot program started with many questions, but has resulted as a breath of fresh air for our teachers and students. Our teachers feel rejuvenated when planning and the students are engaged in more dialogue throughout the day representing their learning through conversation, observations and products.  


Recently, the Province organized a summit from January 9th-11th to engage Manitobans in co-creating a provincial literacy and numeracy strategy. A couple of our teachers were asked to provide examples of literacy teaching and learning on display in regards to the New ELA Pilot. These posters were used as an inspiration, and to inform those who may not have children or have not been in a classroom recently to view what literacy and numeracy learning for the 21st Century looks like. We are grateful that we have been involved with the planning of this new curriculum.  It has challenged us to move away from the traditional methods of teaching curricula and we feel our classrooms have improved with the new ‘Big Idea’ way of planning. I am proud of our teachers for taking on this task over the past few school years, and excited that some of our work was on display for others to view.          Lisa Manning & Wendy Gautier

Through collaboration and purposeful planning the New ELA Curriculum  will inspire great conversations and learning to students at all grade levels.       

Article submitted by: Shawn Manning, Principal, Duke of Marlborough School