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Home > News > Posts > Adam Beach Film Institute Partnership with Frontier School Division Press Release
November 07
Adam Beach Film Institute Partnership with Frontier School Division Press Release

Adam Beach Film Institute Partnership with Frontier School Division Press Release

Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival 2017.jpg

R. Murnick – Author

Partner Schools: 

Frontier Collegiate Institute – Cranberry Portage

Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre – Norway House

In the previous school year of 2016 – 2017  a handful of students from Frontier Collegiate as well as the Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre had the opportunity to work with the Adam Beach Film Institute.   The director of the Institute Mr. Jim Compton came out to the school to work with the students for a 2 day workshop on brainstorming a film idea and creating a rough idea of characters to be in the film.  The fluid nature of making a film had the script change ideas multiple times throughout the school year and ultimately it was a finalized script called “Forever Young”.  

The students and staff from Frontier Collegiate and Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre were as follows:  

Frontier Collegiate Institute Students and Staff Member: 

Richard Murnick / Teacher Supervisor

Cody Bighetty            Main Bad Guy    

Eric Ducharme    Goon/Script 

Sonny Francois    Hero/Script

Wally Wood    Goon/Script

Andrew Caribou      Sound/Script

Norway House Students and Staff Member: 

Charlie Ettawacappo / Teacher/Supervisor

Hannah Duncan    Love Interest Of Hero/Script

Justin York      Sound/Camera/Script 

Nicholas Simpson  Sound/Camera/Script

The students at the end of May 2017 travelled to Winnipeg Manitoba for an intensive 5 days.  The first days included such things as Script Revisions and Read throughs, Acting classes to improve upon the students abilities to “get into character” as well as understanding the expectations of the director with scheduling and planning sessions.     The students at first were a bit apprehensive of what to expect when the camera started rolling and when they realized that they were working with a live fluid process of a short film/movie being made the excitement increased daily.     The camera was a RED digital camera which is an industry level digital camera that had the students in awe of what it could do with someone controlling the focus pulling remotely (ability to focus in on a scene via wireless control) as well as it’s ability to capture in extremely high definition.  

Both Charlie Ettawacappo and I (Richard Murnick) were extremely impressed with how well behaved and involved the students became in the filming process.  They were exemplary students who showed great initiative when it came to getting involved in setting up a scene, tearing down a set once completed as well as being active in all aspects of the film making process.    

“Forever Young” since it’s creation has gone onto being entered into the Gimli Film Festival this past July and will be shown at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival this November 23, 2017.   The “Forever Young” Short film will have the honor of being the opening film shown at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival!  Along with the above listed film festivals the director Steve Payne also entered the short film into the Canadian International Film Festival and it was accepted as an entry into this prestigious festival held in Vancouver British Columbia.  

It was a fantastic experience that the students were able to be involved with and it is hoped that it sparked an interest in the students to possibly pursue a career in the media industry.  With courses created in the Media Awareness Cluster here at F.C.I and other Frontier School division schools they will give students the chance to be content creators and who knows,  maybe our future Spielberg or James Cameron might be amongst us now..    

Collaboration, Brainstorming, and Teamwork can create awesome products.  Let a student show you their imagination and vision through film and they will amaze you with their creativity and ideas!

Richard Murnick​