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Home > News > Posts > Travis Price, Co –Founder of Pink Shirt Day, Visits Waterhen and Skownan Schools
May 29
Travis Price, Co –Founder of Pink Shirt Day, Visits Waterhen and Skownan Schools

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Travis Price, Co –Founder of Pink Shirt Day, Visits Waterhen and Skownan Schools

On Wednesday March 17, 2017, Waterhen and Skownan Schools had a very special visitor. Travis Price, co-founder of Pink Shirt Day, along with Mallory Shack from the Canadian Red Cross, made an appearance at both schools to commend the hard work that our schools do to promote Day of Pink each year.

Travis spoke to the students about his experience with bullying; how he never really had many friends, ways that he fought bullying as a kid and how he and his buddy co-created one of the fastest growing anti-bullying movements ever- PINK SHIRT DAY! He encouraged us to choose to do something about bullying rather than standby and watch it happen.  “It only takes one person to make a difference” he stated, “Your efforts don’t go unnoticed”.

Our schools have been involved with the Canadian Red Cross and Day of Pink for about 5 years now.  We have hosted annual Bake for Pink bake sales each year, and each year it has been a great hit with the students, staff, parents and community members.  It is so awesome to see the wave of pink baked goods on the tables each year.  So far, we have raised over $1500.00.   This money raised for the Canadian Red Cross helps to provide programs aimed at reducing abuse, violence and bullying.  Our schools have also participated in student-lead programs like Beyond the Hurt and the Be Safe Program.

Each year after our school participates in Day of Pink; a Report Back Form is filled out. This form gives a description of the activities that take place for Pink Day, who it involves and how it impacts our school. 

Someone from the Canadian Red Cross must have been very impressed with our efforts, because we were rewarded with this very special visit from the Canadian Red Cross and TRAVIS PRICE!  We were so fortunate to have Travis visit our School.  We have talked a lot about Travis Price over the last few years and what he has done for the “Boy in the Pink Shirt”.  It was an honour to finally meet him.​

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